Monday, 14 May 2012

Roundup of my Naked Security Articles 20 March to 14 May

20/03/2012 - Cyberwar: Hype or reality? - Is "cyberwar" really upon us? Is a "digital Pearl Harbour" imminent? And is an international agreement on "cyberarms" a plausible solution? These are just some of the questions I address in this piece.

29/03/2012 - Stopping the Zombies: Introducing the new Federal Communications Commission anti-botnet code - A new voluntary code of conduct for ISPs in the US creates new measures for addressing botnets. Does it go far enough?

10/03/2012 - A New Cookie Recipe: The International Chamber of Commerce Cookie Code - As of next month, the ICO will be enforcing new(ish) rules on cookies and consent, but is the business world ready? And if not, will the International Chamber of Commerce's UK Cookie Guide provide the tools to help them comply?

18/04/12 - New Bill in UK wants Internet to be censored from porn by default - A new Bill wants to protect children by requiring all users to opt-in if they want to access porn. This would create a system of censorship by default. Is this necessary when parents already have access to porn-management tools?

30/04/12 - ACTA Update the Fight goes on - ACTA has received considerable criticism from a number of high-profile sources, but don't write it off just yet. there is still a chance it could become law.

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