Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Naked Security Articles 27.02.12 to 09.03.12

This is a quick post just to link to a few more articles on Naked Security:

Controversial ACTA is referred to the ECJ  on 27.02.12  The heated debate across Europe about ACTA has led the European Commission to refer the controversial agreement to the European Union's highest court.

 New GSMA privacy guidelines for mobile app developers on 02.03.12-  Host of the Mobile World Congress, the GSMA, have launched new guidelines for mobile app developers to increase transparency and trust between users and companies. Will it work?

 Smartphone apps are sending your data to China on 09.03.12A Sunday Times report found that many smartphone apps are collecting too much personal data and then sending it outside the EU to the US, Israel, China and India. But do these countries meet EU data protection standards?

Enjoy :)