Thursday, 12 January 2012

Writing on Naked Security blog

Followers of my Twitter feed may have noticed I have been writing for the Naked Security blog lately. This award winning news service is run by computer security firm Sophos. I am writing about legal IT current affairs and although I am not posting as frequently on this domain, I will regularly be writing about current developments in the IT world with a legal twist here.

Some of my recent posts are:

1) Yahoo!'s $610m anti spam win and why it is meaningless.
2) Forced decryption/password disclosure and the 5th Amendment in the USA with US v Fricosu.
I also looked at how the equivalent situation might pan out in the UK under RIPA s49.
3) Most recently looking at the new ICANN gTLD registration program and the risks from cybersquatting.

Please keep an eye on Twitter for these short articles. Thanks. 

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